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​Cardiac Rehabilitation is a series of educational classes for you and your family on diet and nutrition, heart risk factors, stress management, exercise, and heart disease. Support group sessions may also be offered for patients and family members to help cope with heart disease. Cardiac Rehabilitation includes exercise sessions for heart patients and is monitored by doctors, nurses, and/or exercise specialists. ​

Before Starting The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

  • Most programs require a written order from your physician before you can join.
  • Many insurance companies cover all or part of Cardiac Rehabilitation. It is the patient's responsibility to contact his or her insurance company to get pre-approval before actually starting Cardiac Rehabilitation. Your physician's office staff can help you with questions about this approval process.
  • If you or your insurance company needs additional information about a specific Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, call that program's main number and ask for information to be sent to your insurance company. Many programs have a standard packet that helps the insurance companies and patients better understand the components of their program.
  • Try to get a friend, family member, or significant other to attend the program with you. By joining a Cardiac Rehabilitation program, you have the opportunity to learn more about your heart condition as well as learn ways to help you make educated decisions about food choices, exercise, and stress. Having a partner to share the experience may give you additional support and companionship. We have learned in Cardiac Rehabilitation that often times loved ones have their own fears and concerns about your heart condition. Our program may help them as well.
  • Try to start Cardiac Rehabilitation as soon as your doctor says it is okay. This way you will have faster access to education and support about your condition. Also, many insurance companies have time limits on their coverage for Cardiac Rehabilitation after a heart event. 

During The Exercise Program
The Baylor Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs offer exercise classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Education programs are offered at different times during the day to accommodate your schedule. Education and exercise sessions may vary from program to program. Contact the cardiac rehabilitation department of your choice for information. 

  • The staff will need information about your heart condition. You may be asked a number of questions about your health and lifestyle.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation programs individualize the exercise prescriptions for the patient. Because each patient has different needs and types of illness or disease, you may be exercising on various pieces of equipment at individual intensities.
  • The staff will help you set goals for your exercise and educational classes. Your vital signs will be monitored at various times during the exercise sessions. Any symptoms you have may be noted.
  • Your doctor may receive reports throughout the program on your progress and your attendance in educational sessions. Many insurance companies require these progress reports. Many programs will take care of this paperwork for you. 

After The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

  • You may graduate from the program when you meet your goals, need to return to work, or feel you have obtained maximum benefit from the program. This graduation time differs from patient to patient. Many insurance companies cover up to 12 weeks of Cardiac Rehabilitation; however, your doctor may request a shorter program for you.
  • Because Cardiac Rehabilitation is a program that educates you to possible changes in lifestyle and physical fitness, many programs and physicians recommend continuing your exercise program either at home or in a fitness center. Some fitness centers may offer discounts for people who have just graduated from Cardiac Rehabilitation programs.
  • If you are participating in Cardiac Rehabilitation in a Baylor Health Care System program, your doctor will receive a summary report of your activities and educational sessions after your graduation.
  • If you would like more information on Cardiac Rehabilitation in the Baylor Health Care System, please call 1-800-4BAYLOR.​